Email Marketing

Design, send and analyse email marketing campaigns 

If you want to play a strong marketing game, it’s critical to make sure you’re delving into email marketing. Any business that is serious about increasing sales and generating more awareness for their brand needs to be building a solid email marketing strategy. With about a third of the world’s population using email, clearly it’s a popular medium and one we should all be tapping into, if not already.

Simply put, email marketing is a powerful and personal way to connect with a potential audience. You can use email to talk directly to an individual through personalisation, and customise it based on their previous actions. You can cover various topics like recent wins, changes to your company or you can ask for feedback, just to name a few.

As an inexpensive medium, you can reach a wide audience while really connecting with them, so for a business on a budget, it’s a better choice than other more traditional mediums like TV or radio. It's also very measurable so you can learn and develop with every email you send.

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