Social Media & Content Marketing

Whether you’re doing business in Brisbane, Barcelona or Bangkok, harnessing the immense power of social media and other digital platforms for marketing and advertising purposes requires a consistent, targeted strategy.

The ‘social’ component of your marketing strategy is no longer something you can leave with the intern or prioritise last on the to-do list. It’s too important! Social media and digital are emerging as God’s gifts to marketing and advertising, so if you’re not confident in running your social campaigns, allow us to step in and help. We provide the following social media services to businesses in Brisbane:

  • Tailored to your marketing budget
  • Developed specifically for your target market
  • Based on proven social media marketing techniques
  • Creatively executed to cut through clutter and encourage engagement

Outsource a Little or the Lot

Depending on how you prefer to work, your level of knowledge and the internal resources you have available, made4media offers several tiers of social media management services for our clients in Brisbane and beyond. These range from:

  • Tips and guidance for social media beginners
  • Comprehensive consultation services
  • Recruitment of digital influencers
  • End-to-end content creation
  • Workshops for your team
  • Full-scale management

If you’d like to hand over your entire social media function, the social media marketing team at Brisbane’s made4media can work with you to develop your strategy, create original content, post on your behalf, manage your feed and provide detailed reporting for you.

Alternatively, our social media strategists can draw up a high-level ‘social media schedule’ — including a month-by-month timeline and suggested posts — for you to take inspiration from and implement internally.

To map your strategy and plan your activity, we find out what your short-term and big-picture business goals are and go from there. Our social media services are normally based on a monthly retainer.

The Beauty of ‘The Socials’

At made4media, we’re huge social media and digital marketing enthusiasts. Why? Because it works like a charm! The wonderful thing about doing business today is that utilising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive and far more effective, compared with say, buying a full-page ad in a magazine or purchasing billboard space. Also, you can target your activity with the utmost precision and see it work in real time.

If something’s not working or could be working better, you can make tweaks or adjustments as you go along to optimise your activity. In terms of ROI, a dynamite social media marketing strategy has a measurable way of paying for itself many times over. Due to the nature of the beast, having in-built flexibility is a must in any strategy because algorithms and digital conditions are dynamic. Our Brisbane-based social media advertising team is responsive and always has alternate plans ready to go in case rules or specifications change.

So whether you want to shift stock, reach more of the right people, grow your following, or increase your number of quality leads, our social media marketing team can assist. Still stumped? Need more info? Contact us and we can talk you through the process and show you social media case studies.