Video production & photography

We are becoming more and more reliant on visual content these days as people rarely take the time to read through vast amounts of texts…OH LOOK, someone posted a video of a kitten on YouTube!

Standout photography is, of course, a must and video is fast becoming the No.1 online marketing tool. It has the power to increase your leads and enhance your web presence in the eyes of the consumer and Google. But how does one go about creating beautiful photos or making a great video? Well, we’re glad you asked because we can talk you through exactly how the process works and get the ball rolling on your visual content.

Got an idea for a video and need a hand with the execution? Our team of videographers, cameramen, lighting guys, voice-over artists, photographers, editors, directors, script writers and producers have a highly polished production process that ensures professional results.
We can create a TVC or social media-friendly video quickly and efficiently, taking an idea from storyboarding to scripting stages to the edit room in quick succession.

No Job too Small

Just after a simple photoshoot? No dramas. We can set it up quickly and efficiently, making sure things run to schedule and that you love the shots. If you need talent-casting services, we’ve worked with some of the best in the business.

What about styling? Whether it’s food, fashion, beauty, property or FMCG, we know talented stylists who can make a paper bag look artistic. Because these days, it’s all about the flat lay.

Our Roll-Call of Photography & Production Services

Photoshoot coordination
Studio selection and bookings
Location scouting
Video production
Talent briefing
Call sheets
YouTube videos
Fashion styling
Prop styling
Interiors styling

Ready to get going on your visual content? Talk to us about what you’re hoping to achieve visually today.