Streamlined and Results-Driven 

First things first: what is social media analytics? We define it as the practice of collecting data from social media channels and analysing that data through the use of analytics tools to help make informed business decisions.

At made4media, we have a variety of social media management tools at our fingertips which make it easier for us to track campaigns, and we’ll provide useful data to assist with growing your business. Our streamlined approach to managing social media allows for transparency and quick turnaround time in processes.

Listening to your customers and looking at data derived from social conversations can be extremely valuable. This data can help your business become more focussed on your potential customer’s needs and find trends which can help you better serve them in the future.

The key here, is to look deeply into the social insights and spot patterns and behaviours so you can maximise your marketing relevance and create impressive customer experiences.

It’s vital for a business to properly track their social media efforts - the social media landscape is extremely crowded and competitive. Our tools and processes properly test and track your social media campaign results and help you identify the most effective strategies.

From content creation and scheduling to publishing and engagement tracking, we keep you informed and up-to-date on what’s going on with your campaign’s progress and uplift.

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