TIK TOK: What do you need to know?

TIK TOK: What do you need to know?

Rebecca Pini - Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In the words of Samuel L Jackson in nearly every film he has ever been in...

TIK TOK Mother F#@ckers....

Where are you at with this whole Tik Tok craze? It has gained momentum overnight and there is no stopping it, it's going full steam ahead. I am on the train with a one way ticket!

It's not just about the virality of the videos that kids and adults alike are making, it is the clever marketing tactics that are being inserted into the videos from clever marketing strategists.


  • HASHTAGS - are being used for film, product, music which doesn't relate to the video at all, however it's keeping that 'brand' front of mind when scrolling through the viral videos.
  • MUSIC RELEASE - Music is being released through Tik Tok which allows 'TikTok Famous' (yep, the new breed of an influencer) to use this music in one of their videos which then has potential for that music to be picked up and reused by those following to recreate the video/dance/challenge. Spotify has a playlist at the moment called Viral 50 Australia which showcases a majority of these Tik Tok famous songs on the playlist. All of which are now getting huge plays through a 15-30 second video. Some of these songs are awesome, commercial radio stations are playing them and.we frequent this playlist in the m4m office!
  • PRODUCT PLACEMENT - the good old, easy peasy 1950's TV cereal box placement is coming back to our screens. It is more subtle these days as the videos that are being made are very basic and low production quality from the user creating the content, but who cares. They will need to go and buy the MENTOS & BOTTLE OF COKE to do the mentos explosion challenge. And there go the profit shares through the roof at Coca Cola, like they needed more money!
  • ADVERTS - now this is where it gets interesting and it will only be a matter of time before we are inundated with advertising throughout Tik Tok as the platform is screaming at a generation who are really hard to reach! I have seen brands setting up their own Tik Tok accounts which push out their already created video content. NRL Australia, Marc Jacobs are just a couple currently jumping on the Tik Tok train. I am seeing brands engage with 'Tik Tok Famous' people to then post their video's on both of their channels to get more reach. The world of advertising is your oyster here at the moment. If you have a nice little budget and a brand that needs to speak to the Gen Z's - drop the cash now and get on it!
  • TIK TOK FAMOUS - This makes me laugh out loud... the Tik Tok famous people aren't the typical Instagram famous you would be thinking of. They aren't really that put together, they are usually quite naturally funny and talented or really clever. We are seeing people from all cultures from India to outback Australia which gives us an awesome insight into cultures and what is comedic or entertaining at every corner of the world. One thing that does worry me is the vulnerable people who are on Tik Tok unmonitored and open to bullying, of which I have seen a lot of. I have no doubt that Tik Tok is looking into this as the tolerance for online trolling and bullying is at new heights of being unacceptable.
  • SHARABILITY - This is one of the easiest platforms I have ever come across in terms of sharing the content that you are watching. Tik Tok can be shared through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, Viber, Text, Twitter, Facebook Messenger. You can save the video to your phone to view later or use somewhere else. You can literally do anything you want with it. The ease of sharing is very accessible which means your videos/branding, etc can go anywhere and everywhere!

So... point of my quick once over is to get the app, download it on your mobile. Set yourself a time limit because I promise you will get sucked into the vortex, but start asking yourself the question, does your brand need to be on Tik Tok? Could your brand benefit through getting in touch with a Tik Tok influencer? Do you have advertising money that could be fed into this platform and should you be adding this into your digital strategy?

Want to know more, give us a call in the made4media to chat through how this might work within your strategy... but TIK TOK, it's only a matter of time before your competitor jumps on and beats you to it!

If you know, you know.... 👇