Create Quality Content that Powers your Growth

Since its conception, the humble blog has come a long way. Initially designed as a tool for one to express their thoughts and feelings - a personal journal if you will, it’s now become a powerhouse of it’s own, and businesses and individuals alike are harnessing the power it can bring when used correctly. Today, a blog is one of the best ways you can attract new visitors to your website. A business blog is a marketing channel, just like social media or email marketing, which helps to support your business growth.

Just some of the benefits of using a blog can include: 

1. Build relationships with potential customers.
Start a business blog to strike up a conversation with your target audiences. You can provide them with interesting content which helps them to build an impression of your business. Once you hook them in, make sure you try and convert their interest by giving them an exclusive offer, or include strong calls-to-action to get them over the line and make a purchase.

2. Help your SEO efforts.
Every time you add a new page to your blog, you add new content to your website, which in turn increases your chance of appearing in organic search engine results. Search engines love new content, so the more you add, the more favourably the robots look at your website. It’s a great cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active and constantly being updated, so they should be checking in frequently to see what’s new.

3. Become a thought leader in your industry
A strong business blog will answer the questions their potential customers have. If you can solve their problem, it’s likely they’ll convert to a lead. Use your blog to be the leader in your industry, become a trusted source of truth and inspire your audience with new and innovative ideas.

4. Connect your brand with people.
A blog enables a business to personalise their brand. You can share your company's values and humanise what you do. Use your blog to touch on issues and concerns, or share what your employees are passionate about.

5. Create shareable content.
In order for your blog to be successful, you must create interesting, up-to-date and shareable content. If you can create interest in what you’re saying, people will share it and you’ll gain a wider reach. You’ll start speaking to even more people who may convert into real business.


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