Communication Strategy

Communication Planning is Paramount

At made4media, we believe that one of the most important components of an integrated marketing strategy is the communications plan which sits alongside it.

A communication strategy is one of our core capabilities and we work closely with clients to determine what their bespoke marketing communication strategy will be. You can have the best laid out plans for your marketing activity, but without a solid message, your efforts will go unnoticed.

A great communications plan will help a business identify who they need to reach, how they plan on telling them what they need to know, and the way in which they’ll reach them. Different audiences will have different needs, motivations and preferences so a communications plan should help you discover the best ways to communicate with your target audiences.

When producing a communication strategy for clients, our creative team at made4media always follow the ‘Three C’ planning structure: a message must always be clear, concise and compelling.



In today’s digital world, many customers can form an impression of your business without ever contacting you. If they are finding you online and walking through a self-guided customer journey, it’s critical that you have a solid communications strategy and messaging plan in place.

In order to effectively grow a business, you need to master the art of selling. made4media can help you position your business correctly and build a compelling strategy to communicate your company’s message and bring about sales success.

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