Choose Kind Campaign

The Brief: Conceptualise, plan and execute the Choose Kind Campaign for Roadshow Films. With the aim of creating positive social change across Australia and New Zealand, the campaign needed to be all encompassing and engaging to drive awareness. 

The Execution: The campaign began in October 2017 running two major promotions including the Choose Kind Challenge and the Certified Kind for Charity competition. People were encouraged to sign the pledge at and make the conscious decision to live a kinder life. If they wanted to take their kindness to the next level they were asked to partake in the Choose Kind Challenge. 

The Choose Kind Challenge asked participants to fill a vessel (jar, bucket, box etc.) and proceed to fill the vessel with kindness. With every kind act that is done by the participant a token is placed in the vessel.


Choose Kind Challenge:
The Choose Kind Challenge was aimed at schools in Australia and New Zealand, asking classes to fill a jar with kindness. Along with filling a jar with kindness, each class had to create a precept (motto). Once their class jar was full and their precept was created they emailed them to the Choose Kind team where they received a Certified Kind certificate. They were then entered in the running for an advanced screening of Wonder with their class. Overall we had the following involved:

467 classes
18 891 students 

Certified Kind for Charity Competition:

The Certified Kind for Charity competition provided people with the chance to spread their kindness further and win $1000 for a charity of their choice. All that was required for the challenge was to fill a jar with kindness and send a photo to the Choose Kind team to go into the draw. 

Two winners were drawn each month between December, 2017 and March, 2018.  The competition was opened to individuals, schools, businesses and families. 

Overall Outcomes:

To date we have had 69, 700 people across Australia and New Zealand pledge to Choose Kind in their daily lives. To break these down we have had the following involved:

Businesses: 201
Individuals: 1914
Families: 2761 families
Schools: 1642

These figures were all achieved through the following methods:

Email Marketing:

  • Regular EDM's to those participating


For this campaign we were unable to have a social media platform. However through PR opportunities we were able to gain campaign exposure on social media sites such as:

  • Families Magazine, Gold Coast

  • Teaching and Learning New Zealand

  • Influencers personal social media 

  • SheSociety

  • MamaMag

  • Haven Magazine 


Prize packs were given to the following female publications which included a Wonder DVD, Wonder journal and kindness jar. The following publications participated: 

  • SheSociety

  • MamaMag

  • Haven Magazine