Get Your Melon On

Services: Social Activation Campaign

The Brief: To create an interactive and positive social media campaign which would engage the local community in the regional city during the 2017 Chinchilla Melon Festival. The overarching goal of the campaign was to completely own the social media space at the festival, whilst re-engaging Origin Energy with the local community.

The Execution: made4media created the Get Your Melon On campaign and amplified the concept by building a geofilter for Snapchat, exclusive for Melon Fest goers to interact with. The Snapchat channel was used throughout Melon Fest to capture the event through a different social media channel, a change to the regular social channels Origin Energy uses. This subtly incorporated Origin Energy branding by placing the logo on the cap of one of the characters and encouraged a wider audience to be involved. Taking real time snaps throughout the festival and adding them to the ‘GetYourMelonOn’ snapchat story for all to view on the festival’s big screen created an added layer to the social campaign.

Get Your Melon On geofilter design:


The Snapchat geofilter generated the following results:


  • Finalist for Best Use of Snapchat for the 2018 Social Media Marketing Awards