Public Relations

A PR Campaign Must be Great!

Let’s start off by outlining what a great PR campaign entails. At made4media, a great PR campaign is tackled with a three-pronged approach: firstly, a clear objective, which needs to be specific, like increasing sales of a particular product or an advocacy group aiming to change public behaviour. Whatever it is, the more specific the better as success will be measurable and it allows for better focus.

Secondly, a clear and well thought-out message. Your message must be obvious but as concise as it can be, without losing precision or risking ambiguity. The message needs to inform the reader of your fact or viewpoint, but also spur them into taking the action you’ve persuaded them to take.

Thirdly, specific targeting, which aims to reach and touch the emotions of the most likely audiences. Understanding your target audience, and there may be a few, is a simple way to achieve public relations success. It’s imperative to drill down those audience segments into specifics so you can effectively develop strategies to reach each one.

A great PR campaign is essential when launching a new product, updating your service offering, expanding your business or reminding everyone that you exist! In a world obsessed with immediacy, your shot at getting noticed and remembered is very slim. Short attention spans and massive distractions call for relentless campaigns that will keep you at the top of customers’ minds.

made4media usually run PR campaigns over 3-6-month periods. This is the best way to maximise exposure and can often involve multiple media releases. We target media and partners that will reach your audience most effectively, and use multi-media strategies to achieve publicity across print, TV, radio and online media outlets. The successful campaigns we have delivered for clients have helped to establish made4media as one of the foremost marketing agencies in Brisbane.

We Create Effective PR Strategies

We don’t just write press releases. Our strategy involves coming up with communications that enhance anticipation, build a following and capture loyalty. We believe that marketing and corporate communications shouldn’t be separate. As a result, all communications are measurable and effective. Our aim is to go beyond media publications and pierce through to your target audience.

Because of our experience in various media landscapes, our team of marketing consultants can take your campaign, whether a local campaign in Brisbane or one with nationwide reach, through traditional, digital, and social platforms. We keep our methods fresh and innovative to ensure that you stand out from the crowd in today’s fast and changing times. Plus, our extensive contact list means we know who to call.

Reliable PR Experience

We’ve managed PR campaigns for both small businesses and big corporations. With over 15 years in the industry, we know who to share your story with. Our team is dedicated to getting you results, and we are always thinking of new and exciting ways to broadcast your message. Contact us for information about our PR services — we can tackle anything from a short media release to a full service 6-month PR campaign or on-going partnership retainer.

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